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top rated electricians in Sydney
top rated electricians in Sydney

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Pro Spark & Co is your one-stop Blue Mountains electrician company for all your residential electrical installation, repair, and maintenance to ensure comfort in your home.

Our top objective is to offer homeowners in Blue Mountain, South Wales, safe, dependable, and effective connection services.

Our electrical services range from emergencies, light installation, switchboards, faulty wiring, and power outage, ceiling fans, smoke alarms, hot water, and wiring services.                         

Our licensed and professional electricians can help you install, repair, and maintain all your electrical-related devices.

Our goal is to provide top-notch energy services at affordable prices. We reply swiftly.


What We Offer

We provide high-quality services for all your electrical problems. Your emergency is our priority.


1.Light Installation.

Our light installation offers your home an elegant and luminous look. 

And while changing your bulb may seem simple, installing new fixtures and doing the wiring requires a professional electrician.

In addition, custom installations such as pendant, recessed, and landscape lighting are very complicated and may need new wiring circuits.

Pro Spark & Co electricians provide residential custom light installation and upgrades depending on your preference.


Our team has the skills and expertise to help you make the right lighting choices and finalize your lighting plans.


2.Switchboard Installation and Repair

Modern electrical equipment frequently experiences power shortages in older homes due to obsolete and unreliable wiring systems and switchboards.

Because modern safety switches have not been installed in outdated switchboards, switchboards may malfunction when introducing a modern appliance.

Switchboards are complicated electrical components. You need a certified and experienced electrician to install, repair or upgrade them. 

Pro Spark & Co has qualified electricians who can help you install, repair, upgrade or maintain switchboards. Your safety is our priority. We care about your security and advise that you install a better and more modern switchboard for your home.


3.Faulty Wiring

Defective electrical wiring can cause significant woes for homeowners, leading to excessive damage and expense if you fail to repair and check it regularly. 

Most home fires result from neglecting to repair faulty wires. Therefore, you must regularly maintain and inspect their wiring systems.

However, doing checks on your own can be dangerous. Instead, you need the help of a qualified electrician to assess the wiring. Pro Spark &Co can help perform regular assessments and repair faulty wiring for your house.


4.Power Outages

Harsh weather conditions, falling trees, and even unusually high power demands can lead to power outages in a local electric grid, leaving your home with no power.

When the electricity goes out, it can cause mere inconveniences such as food rotting in your refrigerator. However, it can also lead to life-threatening situations like a sick family member's inability to utilize their usual hearing aids, electric wheelchairs, or specialized bed at home.

 Pro Spark & Co. is available to assist you in such circumstances. We can fix power outages for you at an affordable rate.


5.Ceiling Fans

Ceiling fans can add elegance to your home and help you save on energy costs in both Summer and Winter. Fans provide a natural, energy-efficient cooling solution during the summer. In addition, you can use the reverse setting on your ceiling fan in the winter.

If you need to install a new ceiling fan or repair it, Pros Park & Co is here for you. We can help you install and rewire existing fans. We also install ceiling fan lights for our customers.


6.Smoke Alarm

Smoke alarms are essential to prevent fires in every home. 

Installing your smoke alarms correctly and ensuring they are in working order is essential to making your home safe from fire. A smoke alarm will notify you about the impending fire and warn you of the hazard in the event of a fire.

There are many types of smoke alarms and smoke detectors, and it can be hard to choose the best. And that's where Pro spark & Co comes in. We install, repair, and advise the best smoke alarm solution for your situation. 

7.Hot Water

If your shower or sink has cold water when it's supposed to be hot, your water heater may be damaged. 

Our team of qualified and licensed electricians can provide repairs for electric, gas, or solar hot water systems. We are certified to install, repair and service all types of water heaters and hot water systems.


Why Choose Us?

We bring with us over 30 years of experience. So when you hire us, you are choosing expertise, efficiency, and dedication to doing what is right by you.

We handle you and your property respectfully, guaranteeing we accomplish all electrical tasks to the high standards we set for ourselves.

When you choose us, be assured of: 

1.Health and Safety.

We have a positive health and safety culture and a robust management system. 

We guarantee that our business follows all New South Wales Health and Safety Code of Practice and statutory legislation.

We have a designated internal health and safety manager in charge of all health-related matters.

We recognize that to achieve high standards; we must work closely with our clients and partners to provide any support and education they may require.

2.Environmental Impact.

We recognize that our activities, working practices, and business relationships impact the environment. Accordingly, we are committed to safeguarding, conserving, and enhancing all aspects of the atmosphere we influence.


Pro spark & Co seeks to nurture and conserve the efficient use of the New South Wales resources without disservice to its citizens. We understand that in our day-to-day operations, we automatically have an impact on the environment, and we wish to minimize the potentially toxic effects.

3.Innovative Design.

When you choose us, you'll also benefit from our innovative electricians' creativity, technology, and products!


Pro Spark & Co-Your Ultimate Blue Mountains Electrician

There are plenty of electrical companies in Blue Mountain, south wales, and it can be hard to choose the best.

Hiring a reputable company to install, repair, and upgrade all your electrical appliances is the best approach.

Pro Spark &Co provides all electrical installation, repair, and upgrades here.

If you are a homeowner in the Blue Mountains, South Wales, needing an electrical fix, contact us for a free quote. We are just a few blocks away!


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We offer a wide range of electrical services across Blue Mountains, NSW. Give us a call on 1300 959 633 or feel free to request a quote vie the form on our contact page

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